Open Questions πŸ€”

Would greatly appreciate any thoughts on these so please do not hesitate to email me (hello [at] Thanks!

πŸ†•Is there justice in history?

πŸ†•Does history have a direction?

πŸ†•Have people become happier as history unfolded?

How can you regulate yourself and control yourself in ways that make your life better?

What cannot be taught and only experienced?

What are indicators of strong character?

When should expertise be highly valued? When should expertise be disregarded?

What is quality of life? How should quality of life be measured?

What is the difference between patience and discipline?

Is being disciplined always a good thing?

What is going to change the most in the next 10 years?

What isn't going to change in the next 10 years?

How does one determine the quality of a research paper?

What are general principles for creating systems in which mistakes aren't repeated?

How has traveling changed the way you view the world?

What travel destination has most changed your world view?

Why are meat-flavored chips not popular in America?

What makes Chappelle's Show so great?